Why You Should Give Anabolic Fasting A Try

Changing your body can be a long and difficult process. Even if you’re able to lose weight through diet and exercise, you might struggle to put on lean muscle. If you’re interested in lean gains, you’ll want to try something centered around that. Anabolic fasting is a terrific option.

What Is Anabolic Fasting?

This is a dieting plan that was developed by powerlifter Cory Gregory. It’s a hybrid that combines two different plans: the anabolic and intermittent fasting. When you follow this meal prep, you’ll have to do all of your eating for the day in an eight hour period. From there, you’ll have to fast for 16 hours before you eat your next protein meal.

When eating your dinner, you’ll have to be very careful about the types of food that you’re putting into your body, especially saturated fats. You’ll want to minimize the number of carbs you eat, and you’ll want to make sure sure that you’re eating lots of fats.

With that said, people that are following the anabolic fasting meal plan don’t have to avoid carbs all of the time. Once the week is over, they’re encouraged to eat high carb entrees. This is where the name of the diet comes from. When people take in carbs after avoiding them for several days, they’ll experience the anabolic effects of the insulin hormone. This is a terrific way to build lean muscle, and it can aid in weight loss as well.

Why Is This Effective?

When you’re not taking in enough fats, your body will hold onto its fat stores. This will make it much more difficult for your body to burn fats. While eating protein for fat loss may seem counterintuitive, it’s actually very effective.

Cutting back your carbs can also aid in weight loss. When you eat carbs, your cravings for sugar and other unhealthy foods can increase. This is called a carb spike. People that eat a diet that’s high in carbs also tend to have issues with bloating. Reducing carb intake makes it much easier to put on lean muscle.

What really makes anabolic fasting effective, however, is that it combines a high-fat and low-carb meal prep with intermittent fasting. When your body does not take in any food for a period of time, the way it stores energy changes. While you are avoiding food, your body will break down fat cells naturally. It can also increase production of the human growth hormone, which can aid in lean muscle gain. Doing some fitness and training during this time, on most days, will allow the best results, training really makes the difference when it comes to gaining power through the nutrition.

How Was This Developed?

According to Gregory, this is similar to the diet that training bodybuilders typically follow health guidelines when they’re preparing for an upcoming show. This anabolic fasting diet has been adapted so that it’s more manageable for people to follow on a weekly basis.

The diet doesn’t require anyone to give up their favorite foods for good. Because dieters are still allowed to eat carbs on the weekend, no one that is on the diet will have to avoid pasta or pizza for long. This an incredibly effective way to slim down and add lean muscle to the body. However, this is simple enough for the average person to follow. Intermittent fasting is becoming more popular these days. There are multiple podcasts talking about this method of fat loss

Is Anabolic Fasting Harmful?

It’s important to choose foods carefully when following a plan like this. Dieters should make sure they are eating nutrient-dense foods that provide their bodies with the nourishment that it needs. As long as dieters are careful about the foods that they eat, this isn’t harmful in any way.

With that said, it can be dangerous for people with diabetes to push their bodies into this state using anabolic fasting for fat loss, they need to focus on nutrition. Because of this, you’ll want to talk to your doctor before you start a plan like this.

How Many Meals Can You Eat Per Day?

This plan allows you to eat two times each day. You’ll generally eat your first meal during lunchtime, and you’ll eat your second meal of the day a few hours before bed. Since you’ll only be eating two meals each day during your anabolic diet days, you’ll want to make sure you’re taking in plenty of calories in each meal.

It’s certainly possible to have snacks while you’re on this intermittent fasting plan, but you’ll want to have your last snack for the day a few hours before you go to bed. You’ll want to make sure that you are abstaining from food with protein for the full 16 hours.

How Do Weekends Work?

This is successful for so many people because they don’t have to continue following this plan when the weekend rolls around. Weekends are essential a multi-day “cheat day.” You can forget that you’re on a diet during the weekend and whatever you’d like to eat.

Having a cheat period makes it far easier to stick to a restrictive anabolic diet like this one. When you’re following the anabolic fasting plan, you’ll have to watch what you eat during the week. If you have the craving for something like pizza, you can simply plan to treat yourself on the weekend. We are encouraging people to stay away from saturated fats.

What Kinds Of Pitfalls Should You Watch Out For?

One of the problems you’ll want to avoid on this diet is experiencing a spike in insulin when you eat your first meal of the day. You can avoid this issue if you stick to eating fats and proteins for your first meal of the day. If you do experience an insulin spike, it’s likely that you’ll have an energy crash later in the day.

You’ll also want to make sure that you have access to diet-friendly foods that you can eat during the week. It’s a smart idea to make your meals ahead of time and bring nutrients with you to work. That way, you’ll always have the right kinds of foods to eat while following the anabolic fasting plan. We enjoy how to share the health, nutrition, and power information that is so desperately needed by many seeking to gain proteins in their diets.

If you’re interested in fat loss, burning fat, and putting on lean instead of fat, you should absolutely give anabolic fasting a try. This diet is incredibly effective, and it’s something that you can follow on a long-term basis. It’s a healthy way for you to change your body for the better.


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