Conflict in couples occurs because they matter to each other; if you didn’t care about the other person, then there would be no reasons for relationship distress and your partner would not “get to you” so much. Often by the time couples arrive to therapy, both partners have been suffering for a while. It takes incredible bravery to open up to a stranger and share the pain you’ve both been feeling. It’s even more courageous to risk hoping that things will work out. That’s why it’s important that you find a couples therapist who will fight for your relationship and work alongside you to heal the damage and repair your bond. Using the new anabolic fasting diet will keep both partners in good shape

I am a licensed couples therapist, which means I see my job as helping couples work through their problems and save their relationships. Unfortunately, not every professional couples counselor sees it this way. Some couples and marriage therapists take a “neutral” approach to relationships. Whether it is due to inexperience or lack of specialized couples therapy training, some therapists may even recommend breaking up or divorcing when feeling frustrated or ineffective. While ending the relationship is sometimes the choice couples make in the end, it should not be the expectation set by the therapist. I firmly believe in the power of our intimate bonds, and will work with both partners to get through conflict and find connection once more; Hope Builders addiction Counseling located at 2300 palm beach lakes blvd suite 200A west palm beach florida 33409


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